Toshirō Mifune – painting in progress


Here’s a little side project I’m working on for my house! I’m painting Toshirō Mifune, a brilliant Japanese actor who you can read an interesting biography of here if you like. He was very talented and versatile, with a really endearing quality about him. Right now I’m just finishing my sketch,  then I’ll paint over it with acrylic. I’m thinking of a cobalt blue – something serene to balance out the action – but I’ll be testing out a few different colour schemes before I decide for definite. 

Toshirō Mifune by Kayleigh Robinson

It’s a fairly small painting; I have another scene of him in mind which I intend to paint onto a large canvas some day. More on that another time!

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  1. Superlike! looking forward to the final work…
    Also, if possible, try his image from seven samurai wearing samurai helmet…will make an amazing illustration!

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